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Important Time Sensitive Announcements

Welcome to the ELC Provider Portal.

Organizations with multiple sites can have the option of certain staff only seeing one or more of your organizations sites. We need First-Last-Email-Site(s) that they should see on the provider portal for your organization
Contact nmetsker@elchc.org or kpagliuco@elchc.org to remove their access to the portal and\or reset your password to ensure your children's information stays secure. Nancy 813-515-0804
2-17-17 VPK Providers - please be aware there was an issue with ELCHC's accounting software last night. As a result, we missed the cutoff required by our bank to get funds transferred to your accounts today. Since Monday is a bank holiday funds will be in your account on Tuesday, February 21st.

CCRR Online

CCRR Provider Update portal rates must match your contract in the portal or you will need to complete a new rate sheet and submit a change to your contract.


ELC cannot enroll VPK children without CLASS CODES, dates and signatures. On the new state VPK COE form box #14 says it is "optional" BUT that is NOT TRUE!! ELC MUST HAVE the Classroom Code!
Staff are processing VPK Child Applications for School Year 17-18 as quickly as possible. We are approving the applications in the order that they are received.

Please be aware that parents will not receive their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) within 24-48 hours of submitting their application.

VPK Agreement Docs

Reminder! All background screenings must be conducted through the Background Screening Clearing House and must be updated by May 31, 2017. Summer and Fall 2017 VPK applications cannot be approved until the background screenings are up to date and completed through the Background Clearing House system.
VPK Fall 2016-2017 applies to the entire 2016-2017 VPK program year. It expires upon completion or termination of all PROVIDER’S VPK program year eligible to be offered under your Contract.

Only Providers who have not been approved for VPK Fall 2016-2017, would need to apply for VPK Summer 2017 to provide VPK Services this summer 2017.



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