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Important Time Sensitive Announcements


Family Services Staff are processing VPK Child Applications for School Year 17-18. Applications are approved in the order that they are received.

Please be aware that parents will not receive their Certificate of Eligibility (COE) within 24-48 hours of submitting their application.

ASQ Important Changes!

As of August 1st you can now do your ASQ’s in the ELC Provider Portal. ELC will be placing a list of the children that are due for ASQ Screenings only for the month of August 2017 in your document library in the “ASQ Screening” folder. August ASQs may be done in the portal or on paper.

Starting 9/1/2017, all ASQs must be done in the ELC Provider Portal. The children due for ASQ screenings will be found on the portal dashboard under next actions.

A partir de 08/01/2017 usted ahora puede completar los ASQs en el Provider Portal. ELC proveerá una lista de los niños que necesitan ASQ Screenings solamente por el mes de agosto 2017 y podrán encontrarlo en el Provider Portal a través del “ASQ Screening" folder. Los ASQs de agosto pueden ser completados via Provider Portal o en papel.

Comenzando 09/01/2017, aquellos niños que necesiten un ASQ deberán ser completados a través del “Portal Dashboard” debajo de “Next Actions”.

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